Coming soon in the cinema: Documentary "The Voice of the Violin" by Benedikt Schulte | Premiere at the 33rd International DOK.fest Munich | The film is nominated for the FFF Young Talent Award and will be broadcasted on ARTE-TV.

Film premiere: Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 20:00 in the cinema RIO1 at Rosenheimer Platz in Munich. Length of the film 50 Min. Trailer see also on The Strad.

Our Book "The Sound" which was sold almost 100.000 times in German now also is published in Bulgarian. Thanks to the wonderful translater Dobrinka Dadder!

CD-Recordings: Violin Sonatas Johannes Brahms with Ingolf Turban on our violin Opus 130. Listen to the instrument in our Sound Center.

Ingolf Turban on his Op. 130: "You have given me my voice!"