It makes sense to order an acoustic evaluation of a violin, viola or cello if you need very in-depth and objective information about the acoustic properties of the instrument in question. This tends to be the case for one of the following reasons:

  • Reference: You need to precisely document a reference instrument with an outstanding sound in terms of the instrument's design, construction and acoustics. Violinmakers can use the acoustic, tonal and construction-related information obtained in this process as a guideline for making their own instruments.
  • Monitoring the creation process: A reference instrument with an outstanding sound needs to be objectively compared in terms of its acoustic properties with another instrument. Reference instruments are used as models in many workshops where new instruments are made. Here, an acoustic evaluation will reveal the acoustic similarities and differences between a newly made instrument and a related reference instrument.
  • Security: The current acoustic state of a very valuable instrument needs to be documented for security reasons. If the instrument were to be damaged (e.g. in an accident), the acoustic evaluation would allow an A-B comparison so as to be able to restore the original tonal state as best possible.
  • Tonal adjustment of "problem instruments": Due to an acoustic problem to be determined, the sound of a valuable instrument does not reflect the historical value of the instrument. Here, the acoustic evaluation will provide useful information that can help to find a possible solution.

An acoustic evaluation does not require any intervention in or changes to the instrument. The instrument is evaluated in its playable state.

An overview of our acoustic services:


For whom?


  • Modalanalysis
  • Soundanalysis
  • Construction-analysis
  • Fault
    diagnostics for problem instrument

  • Musicians
  • Tonal adjustment (e.g. Tonal color)
  • Problem solutions (e.g. Wolf tones, response)
  • Insurance
  • companies
  • Musicians
  • Auctionhouses
  • Acoustic restoration after accidents
  • Expert opinion on the acoustic condition
  • Violinmaking studios that focus on making new instruments
  • Analysis of reference instruments
  • A-B comparisons between a given instrument and a reference instrument
  • Monitoring the creation process
  • Parameter studies of the design
  • Wood and varnish analyses

  • Bowed stringed instrument industry
  • Analysis of the wood treatment "To what (quantitative) extent are the acoustic properties of the wood altered by the specific treatment (or primer) and varnish?"
  • Analysis of the acoustic properties of the varnish structure "Were any of the intermediate steps unfavorable in acoustic terms?"
  • Analysis of how the varnish has changed over time. "What is the long-term acoustic influence of the varnish?"