Violin Opus 130

Violin (Soloistic Class) Martin Schleske Opus 130 anno 2010. Own Modell.

Played by Ingolf Turban. Listen to the sound of this violin.

Description of the Violin: Soloist Class. Top and Back Plate put into a solid acacia edge.

Model: Schleske (2011).

Dedication of the Violin: Isaja 41:18

Certainly the Opus 130 is one of the most soloistic instruments which we have been creating in our studio. 

Currently: Ingolf Turban did not play the Paganini Violin Concerto no. 2 in the Berliner Philharmonie on his Stradivarius (1721), but on his violin Op.130 by Martin Schleske.

Ingolf Turban on his Op. 130: "You have given me my voice!" 

02.10.11 | 16:00 Uhr | Berlin | Philharmonie Berlin |Niccoló Paganini, Konzert f. Violine und Orchester No. 2, op. 7 in h-moll | Berliner Symphoniker | Ltg. Marcello Panni.

Hear the sound of this violin in concert: Schleske Opus 130