Master Studio for Violinmaking

The following photos, audio clips and writings are intended to provide a tour of my studio. I hope you enjoy it. Here, you can learn much about the art of violinmaking as well as my acoustic investigations of the instrument.

We are convinced: A beautiful violin is an investment in joy of life.

The Sound center and Gallery will hopefully convince you of the mastery reflected in my instruments.

The development of my concert instruments is a testimony to my passion for the beauty of sound and form that is embodied in any exceptional instrument. I wouldn’t put my name on an instrument otherwise. It takes many hundreds of hours to make an instrument. This includes the time needed for diverse activities, from finding tone wood in the upper reaches of mountain forests to polishing the final coat of varnish. This is a handwriting with the individual mastery that is capable of bringing each of my instruments into life as an unmistakable tonal sculpture.

Still, I believe my calling as an artist is fulfilled whenever I succeed in giving the musician access to his or her own “voice” with my instrument. Here, the artwork is not the external “sculpture” I create which is perceived by the eye. Instead, it is the tonal sculpture which is invoked in the listener’s inner world through the musician’s playing. This is an event as opposed to an idea -- an event which takes place through the encounter between the musician’s playing and the resonances which I embody in my instruments. Each serves the other and fills the other with meaning.

The small brand and master label found inside each of my instruments are like a signature to my work. I initial my name under the cross to signify my prayer: That through the sound of my violins the mystery of a blessing may be heard – with softness and with strength. I am convinced that music is simply a prayer that is cast in sound.

                 Martin Schleske, Master Violinmaker 

                 Diploma Physicist-Ing. FH

The so called master label found inside each Schleske violin.

Portrait Photo: © Sr. Teresa Spika, Abtei Venio

No trade, no purchase or sale of old instruments. No resorations. We exclusively make new instruments.