Martin Schleske

Master Violinmaker & Dipl.-Physicist (FH)


  • Born in Stuttgart in 1965
  • Violin studies from the age of seven (teachers including Hungarian violist and conductor Attila Balogh)
  • Studies at the German violinmaking institute in Mittenwald from 1982 to 1986
  • Research workshop in violinmaking at the Schalltechnisches Beratungsbüro Müller-BBM (Planegg, Germany) under Prof. Dipl.-Physiker Helmut A. Müller from 1988 to 1994
  • Completed studies in physics at the Munich University of Applied Sciences HAW from 1990 to 1994. Thesis: “Eigenmodes of vibration in the creation of a violin”
  • Restoration work under master luthier Peter Erben from 1994 to 1996
  • Master examination in Hamburg, Germany in 1996
  • Own master studio and acoustics laboratory in the Munich area since 1996
  • Certain instruments by Martin Schleske are played by internationally known soloists and concertmasters of renowned orchestras
  • Martin Schleske is a regular speaker at guest courses in applied violin acoustics and has been an invited speaker at a number of international symposia on musical acoustics (including Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, Lucerne, Seattle, Cleveland and Baltimore) 
  • Numerous publications and book articles
  • Innovation support from the Bavarian Government and the European Commission. Research project involving Thomastik-Infeld, Vienna (i.a.)
  • Contributing editor to the journal of the Catgut Acoustical Society, New Jersey
  • Martin Schleske has been a member of the artists group “Das Rad” since 2005 (English: “The Wheel”). “Das Rad” brings together artists from all disciplines, including painters, sculptors, designers, musicians, actors, directors, writers, journalists and architects.
  • Martin Schleske has been married to Claudia Schleske since 1990. They have two sons.