Our Workshop House

Our workshop: The former Sebastian's benefit

Our workshop house is one of the 500 old town houses in the town of Landsberg am Lech, which was founded in the 13th century.

After eight years in the center of Munich and another twelve years in the Würmtal, the master violin maker Martin Schleske and his employees have been based in the historic city center of one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany since June 2015: in Landsberg am Lech.

The chapel-like music room from 1755. The roof structure is the work of the master builder Franz Hagg, who also built the roof of the St. Benedict Church in Sandau.

For several centuries, this gem on the old town square was a beneficiate house ("Sebastian's Beneficium"), the prayer house of the Discalced Carmelites. In later centuries it was a workshop house and place of work for various guilds and craft businesses - including the lattice weaver Carl Lenz, whose railings decorate the house's stairs .

After months of painstaking and careful renovation, we are grateful to be able to build on the centuries-old spiritual and craftsmanship of this house with our workshop.

There is a small exhibition on the ground floor of our workshop building. On the first floor it leads into the workshop rooms where our violins, violas and cellos are made. Our sound research with an acoustic laboratory and paint workshop is located on the second floor.

The attic with its historic roof structure from 1755 serves the workshop house as a small "concert hall". With its chapel-like character, it invites you to get to know our instruments and to enjoy silence.