Wood and Varnish Analysis

The material properties of the wood are critical to making outstanding violins, violas and celli. In most cases, it is impossible to judge wood by just looking at it. This is why it is important to analyze the sound quality of the wood using test equipment. The MARTIN SCHLESKE MASTER STUDIO FOR VIOLINMAKING is equipped to perform both acoustical and anatomical analyses of violin wood. Acoustical analysis of violin varnish provides information about the extent to which the varnish is suited to acoustic usage.

Content of this section:

  • Anatomical analyses of wood
  • Acoustic analyses of wood
  • Acoustic analyses of violin varnish

Wood analysis using a scanning electron microscope. Images of spruce wood used in a violin top plate made by the Neapolitan master F. Gagliano in the year 1780.

For more information about the acoustic secrets of violin varnish see Violin acoustics handbook and Publications.