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Akustik und Schwingungstechnik (allgemein):


Musical acoustics:

Violin acoustics:

    The "Stockholm group": Eric Jansson and Anders Askenfeld have been actively involved in the field of acoustics research for violinmaking for many years:
    The Catgut Acoustical Society (CAS):„The CAS brings together researchers in musical acoustics, violin makers, composers, string players, and lovers of the music they make. One of our primary interests is the application of scientific principles to the construction of instruments in the violin family.“
    Research of the New South University, Sydney Australia on Violin Acoustics





  • Benchmark Papers in Acoustics / 5: „Musical Acoustics, Part I Violin Family Components“, Hrsg. Carleen M. Hutchins, (Verlag: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc.) 1975, ISBN:0-471-42540-0

    27 articles by different researchers in the field of violin acoustics. Topics: Fundamentals of violin acoustics; the bowed string; the bridge; the soundpost; tone wood; violin varnish. Time frame of the original publications: 1840 to 1973, 478 pages. Mostly in English..
  • Research Papers in Violin Acoustics 1975-1993, Hrsg. Carleen M. Hutchins, (Verlag: Acoustical Society of America) 1997, ISBN 1-56396-609-3

    121 articles by different researchers in the field of violin acoustics. Topics: "350 years of violin research..."; sound radiation; the bowed string; the bow; the bridge; the soundpost, bass bar, tailpiece; eigenmodes of vibration of free violin plates; eigenmodes of vibration of the completed instrument; air resonances; interaction between the string, wood and air resonances; wood; violin varnish; psychoacoustic research; the Catgut Acoustical Society; theoretical acoustics and research methodology; future outlook. The editor has included an introduction relating to each of the topics covered. Two volumes, 1299 pages. Only in English.


  • Benade, Arthur H.: „Fundamental of Musical Acoustics“, (Dover Publications, Inc.), N.Y. 1976, ISBN 0-486-26484-X

    An outstanding introduction to musical acoustics, particularly the acoustics of musical instruments. A true milestone work. 596 pages.

  • Brüderlin, René: „Akustik für Musiker - Eine Einführung“,(bosse musik paperback), Kassel 1995, ISBN 3-7649-2154-4

    A clear overview of the topic (in German), 141 pages.
  • Cremer, Lothar: „Physik der Geige“,Verlag, (Hirzel Verlag) Stuttgart 1981, ISBN 3-7776-0372-4

    A standard (German) work in this field. Very theoretical. Advanced mathematics required. A comprehensive study of violin physics and writings through 1981, 368 pages.
  • Fletcher, N.V.; Rossing T.D.: „The Physics of Musical Instruments“, (Springer Verlag), New York 1991, ISBN 0-387-96947-0
    A very thorough presentation by two famous researchers of the whole field of acoustics of musical instruments. A good mathematical introduction to vibrating systems. Individual coverage of the different groups of musical instruments. 620 total pages with about 50 pages on the violin.

  • Güth, W.: „Einführung in die Akustik der Streichinstrumente“, (Hirzel Verlag), Stuttgart/Leipzig 1995, ISBN 3-7776-0644-8
    A good introduction to this topic. Only covers research up to about 1980.

  • Jansson, E.: „Acoustics for Violin and Guitar Makers“
    The title is well chosen. A highly practical introduction to the theoretical side with many suggestions for setting up a workshop for making new instruments. The researcher's close cooperation with violinmakers is plainly apparent.
    Not yet published.

  • Moore, Brian C.J. (Hrsg): „Hearing“, London 1995, ISBN 0-12-505625-5.
    An in-depth standard work in psychoacoustics.

  • Pierce, J.R.: „Klang – Musik mit den Ohren der Physik“, (Spektrum), Heidelberg 1985, ISBN 3-922508-72-3
    A clear presentation (in German) of various topics in the field of musical acoustics such as periodicity, consonance, spatial acoustics and tonal color. The appendix includes an introduction to the relevant terminology and mathematical principles. 215 pages

  • Roederer J.G.: „Physikalische und Psychoakustische Grundlagen der Musik “, (Springer Verlag), Berlin 1977, ISBN 3-540-08167-4
    A very good introduction (in German) to human perception of music: Perception of pitch, volume, tonal color. A good introduction for anyone interested in the field of psychoacoustics..