Foto © Janina Laszlo 2019

I make each of my instruments as an individual tonal and visual “sculpture.” Even though I remain true to my personal artistic handwriting, each instrument is unique in its own unmistakable way. Some of my violins, violas and cellos are in the hands of renowned soloists and concertmasters who play them as outstanding concert instruments. Despite this success, I do not copy myself. With each instrument, I seek to bring something new to life.

The living process of artistic creation can never be reduced to mere “manufacturing” or “making.” I don’t think violinmaking is about building a technical product. Instead, I attempt to create a unique voice with each instrument. I find it critical in the process of creating an instrument to go beyond the act of “making” and to truly delve into that which arises during my work with the individual wood through its shaping and thickness graduation. The tonal voice of a good instrument results from an alert intuition combined with a sort of “hearing” inspiration.

Photos © Donata Wenders 2010