Cubist Intervention

Title: Cubist Intervention © Schleske 2019.

Material: Old violin | Spruce | black wood printing ink.

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For Georges Braques (1882-1963) musical instruments were always an expression of the interrelationship between music and image. It was historically overdue to transfer his work from pictorial thought to real life. For this reason, an old violin (hopeless in terms of sound) was bravely given a new sound on the side. Of course, like all my design studies, the instrument can be played as a concert instrument.
The black spruce bars, which are equally adapted on the inside and outside, have given the instrument its continuous body volume and thus the acoustically essential Helmholtz resonance. The tonal warmth, which the instrument originally lacked in depth and which makes a good concert instrument, could not, however, be achieved through the courageous Cubist intervention. The originally poor instrument has definitely gained in high-frequency radiance.

-- Not for sale --

Of course, we only carry out such complex, cubistic sound adjustments on customer instruments at the express request. ;)