Schleske Violin Sculpture Op.343

Title: African Beauty © Schleske 2023.

Material: Top plate: spruce wood, clematis flowers.

Back plate: maple wood, ray skin.

Ribs: continuous strip of felt soaked in hot glue.

Scroll: Sliced 100 million year old ammonite, flamed maple, sturgeon leather, ostrich leg leather, gut string, bone glue, 500 year old nails, Wattussihorn. 

-- Commissioned Work --

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Feedback from the musician on our Opus 343:

"It's been a week since we were allowed to visit you in Landsberg. When I unpack your Opus 343, I almost have to be a little careful not to let the awe of this instrument go to my head. In fact, I've never felt so strongly for anything in this world. […] Perhaps you have also noticed how infinitely long the reverberation in the body itself is? This is really unbelievable - as if a whole valley stretched out in it. […] And you are right: the sound of this violin has an inherent wisdom that, in a gentle but firm way, allows every listener to calm down and be silent. I'm still speechless when I hold it in my hands! One thing I know for sure: this violin will change my life. Many, many, many thanks.
Your Nathanael Turban"



© Meisteratelier für Geigenbau Martin Schleske. Landsberg am Lech 2023