Sound Center

© Photo: Donata Wenders 2010. Taken from our book M. Schleske: Der Klang, Munich 2010


As a master luthier, I believe it is my calling to create instruments that give the violinist, violist or cellist his or her own voice. No matter how the musician desires to shape the sound (including dynamics, tonal colors, projection and power), the resonances of the instrument must provide the necessary acoustic foundation. This is the work of the violinmaker. The actual artwork is not the visible wooden shape that is seen. It is the tonal sculpture that is heard. This is a product of the encounter between the musician and the resonances which the musician “plays” in a musical way.

For acoustic reasons, I like to compare the mystery of the violin’s sound to the painter's palette. The artist communicates through the colors like the violinist does with the instrument's resonances.