Schleske Violin Op. 130

Listen to the violin virtuoso Ingolf Turban playing the concertos by Jean Sibelius and Theodore Dubois on his Schleske Violin Op. 130 made in the year 2011.

Soloist: Ingolf Turban

Concerts: Dubois | Sibelius 

Theodore Dubois (1837 – 1924), Violin Concerto for Violin and Orchestra d–minor (1897). Orchestra: Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, Conductor: Raoul Grüneis

Jean Sibelius (1865 – 1957), Violin Concerto for Violin and Orchestra d–minor (1897)l Op. 47. Orchetra: BundesSchulMusikOrchester BSMO, Conductor: Andreas Puhani

Soloviolin: Made by Martin Schleske in the year 2011 (Opus 130).

Dubois, 1. Satz B

Dubois, 1. Satz C

Dubois, 1. Satz D

Dubois, 3. Satz Kadenz

Sibelius, 1. Satz Kadenz

Live-Recording: Ingolf Turban: Pablo de Sarasate - Carmen-Fantasie; Op. 25


CD-Recordings: Violin Sonatas Johannes Brahms with Ingolf Turban on our violin Opus 130. Listen to the instrument in our Sound Center.

Ingolf Turban on his Op. 130: "You have given me my voice!"