Schleske Violin Op. 130

Listen to the violinist Alban Beikircher playing his Schleske violin.

Soloist: Alban Beikircher

MusicJ. S. Bach, Adagio aus der Solosonate G-Moll BWV 1001 / Oliver Messiaen, Thème et Variations (1932)

Soloviolin: Made by Martin Schleske in the year 2011 (Opus 149) 

Recording 2014.

J. S. Bach, Adagio aus der Solosonate G-Moll BWV 1001

Oliver Messiaen, Thème et Variations (1932)

More Music by J. S. Bach, Niccolo Paganini, Paul Hindemith, Wilold Lotoslawski, Oliver Messiaen, Eugène Ysaye and Wilfried Hiller can be heard on the CD "The Sound" - played by Alban Beikircher on his violin Opus 149 by Martin Schleske can be heard on the CD “Der Klang”:

New from October 2014: Audio book "The Sound" | Audio CD's 125 min. 12 pages. With photos by Donata Wenders. Details

The latest record by Alban Beikircher. Played on our violinOp.149.


  • Audio CD (25. Oktober 2019)
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  • Label: Emec Discos (Galileo Music Communication)

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