Schleske Violine Op. 70

Performer: Jehi Bahk (Solist) with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Concert: Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski, Waltz-Scherzo, Op. 34  (live 2006)
The Soloist’s Instrument: Concertviolin  Op.70 by Martin Schleske anno 2006.
Model: Stradivari 1715.

Jehi Bahk

"I feel like your Opus 70 is gaining new tonal colors every day. It is exciting to keep making new discoveries on this instrument. It is hard to put down."

“I'm finding it hard to find words to sufficiently praise your Opus 70. I was already familiar with some of your instruments and was well aware that each of them has a unique character as well as a sound that, in my opinion, ranks in the highest echelon. I’m not afraid to say that since I served as a jury member for the instrument-making competition in Cremona some years ago and had the opportunity to judge the sound of more than 200 violins. In addition, I am well acquainted with the tonal properties of violins by the old masters. I had the pleasure to play the J. B. Guadagnini violin known as "ex Busch" (1783) over several years and am very familiar with the sound of various violins by Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri “del Gesu”.

As a concertmaster and soloist, I have been very pleased to be able to play my concerts on your opus 70 since 2006! On my recent concert tour through the United States, listeners were regularly amazed to find out that I was playing on a “newly made” violin as opposed to one of those fabulous old Italian instruments! Thank you for this unbelievable violin!

Jehi Bahk has won multiple prizes in international competitions and is the founder and first violinist of the Hugo Wolf Quartet (1993-2004). In 2005, he became associate concertmaster of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and was recently appointed to a professorship at the German School of Music Weimar. Jehi Bahk was a member of the sound jury for the “Triennale” international violinmaking competition in Cremona.