Every year I make around thirty violins, violas and cellos with my staff. Since each of our instruments requires our full dedication, we cannot increase the number of instruments and a certain waiting time must be expected.

The development of its own formal language and tonal handwriting

The violins, violas and cellos from our workshop are characterized by a great deal of tonal power. They are instruments that embody something passionate and challenge the musician to immerse themselves in tremendous resonances. In concert halls, when playing "against" a large orchestra, they kindle an acoustic fire that is only known from the most valuable and rare examples of ancient Italian violin making. The strong resonance profile of my solo instruments enables expressive playing, a wide variety of timbres and a pianissimo that effortlessly takes you right into the last row.

My work as an artist and sound researcher is expressed in the meticulous selection of acoustically outstanding woods, the model development, the tonal elaboration, the sensitive sound setting and, last but not least, in the artistic paintwork. I use pigments and varnishes from my own formulation and production. Quite a few instruments in my soloist class are played by internationally performing soloists, concert masters and members of renowned orchestras.