Die englische Ausgabe

Die Englische Ausgabe unseres Buches Der Klang mit einem Vorwort von Makoto Fujimura erschien im April 2020 im Verlag Eerdmans Publishing (Michigan, USA):

The Sound of Life’s Unspeakable Beauty

Author Martin Schleske
Foreword by Makoto Fujimura
with photographs by Donata Wenders
Translated by Janet Gesme

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 4/14/2020 ISBN: 978-0-8028-7614-0 Price: $ 24.99 368 Pages Trim Size, in inches: 5.50 x 8.50


Table of Contents

Translator’s Note

Preface: Creating Metaphors for Life

1. The Singing Tree: The Heart’s Search

2. The Tree’s Wisdom: The Beginning of Spiritual Strength

3. The Design: The Harmony of Opposites

4. Tone Colors: Beauty’s Vulnerability

5. The Arching and the Wood’s Grain: Belief as Reverence and Mercy

6. To Be an Instrument: The Beauty of our Calling

7. The Closed Sound: Belief in a Loving and Therefore Suffering God

8. Reworking the Violin: The Pain and Crisis of Faith

9. The Sculpture (I): The Meaning of Doubt

10. The Charisma of the Stradivarius: The Meaning of Grace

11. The Secret of the Violin’s Varnish: Reconciliation in the Diversity of Community

12. The Inner Fire: Living by the Holy Spirit

13. The Concert: From “Me” to “You”

14. The Sculpture (II): The Meaning of Beauty

Conclusion: A New Beginning

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